Practice management: Only a change of perspective reveals opportunities for improvement

An example

Wrong methods also obscure the view

Information through categorisation

  • PCQS > 80%: Best Practice Quality of Care.
  • PCQS > 60% to <= 80%: Quality of care largely in line with requirements.
  • PCQS > 40% bis <= 60%: Borderline quality of care
  • PCQS 0% to <= 40%: Inadequate quality of care

Potential activation through change of perspective

  • take a higher level view (“bird’s eye view”)
  • use objective and validated metrics
  • examine the system holistically, i.e. do not only analyse sub-areas, but all areas of practice management and their interactions.

The instrument from practice for practice



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Klaus-Dieter Thill

Klaus-Dieter Thill

Owner and director of the Institute for Business Analysis, Consulting and Strategy Development, Düsseldorf, Germany, Photographer, Author